Corporate Coffee Kiosks

Kiosks are small, stand-alone booths commonly placed near the entrances of shopping malls in North America, where they provide shoppers with directions. If your operation can not accommodate a full-service cafeteria, perhaps a kiosk is more your cup of tea.

A kiosk combines an espresso cart with the café atmosphere that meets your specific marketing and operational needs. Easy to roll in, easy to install, and as you grow, the kiosk has built-in flexibility to be able to be modified to your changing needs. Besides, if you need to relocate, you never lose your investment.


  • Allows you to capture premium locations where a traditional built-in café is impractical or undesirable due to space constraints, building regulations, health department requirements, or because water and drain are unavailable.
  • It can be designed to sell additional complimentary items while people wait in line to purchase their espresso and specialty coffee drinks.
  • It can be customized to your vision of what you want to merchandise with a much broader menu.

Corporate Coffee Kiosks - Canuel Caterers