School Lunch Programs

Canuel Caterers currently provides both in-house cafeteria services and student meal programs in the Lower Mainland and the Kamloops Thompson River area of British Columbia.


The primary purpose of all Meals/Canteen Programs is to provide nutritious meals to students, so they can better learn, be healthier, and improve school performance. Therefore, the Student Meal Programs operate only when school is in session or otherwise approved by the Board and/or School Principal, such as a summer camp.


The food served meets the Ministry of Education “Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools" and is governed by the Health Act of the Province of British Columbia and all the rules and regulations concerning foodservice outlets. As a minimum Canuel Caterers Front Line Supervisors are required to maintain BC FOODSAFE Level 2 certification, as well as all of their other frontline employees and subcontractors are required to maintain BC FOODSAFE Level 1 certification. Additionally, these required certifications must be renewed every 3 years, as recommended by the BC FOODSAFE. Please see the following menu as an example of what we provide.


Please contact us for specific pricing.