Food Production Facilities

In September of 2012,  Canuel Caterers commissioned a fully functional 7,000 square foot production kitchen complete with a chilled production room and automated sushi production equipment.  We have built for the future and are looking for your business, whether it be home food delivery programs, refrigerated vending programs, school lunch programs, or production to supplement your capabilities. 

Canuel Caterers philosophy is about the creation of healthy and traditional food items, providing a full selection of standard products in the categories of full meals, sandwiches, sushi, salads, pastries  and soups. Our Recipe Development process is, to begin with, a sample recipe with the ability to customize this recipe if required by the client. 

Each product range can be produced  to each client’s particular specifications.   

Our objective is to provide a fresh, healthy west coast style culinary experience inspired by popular multi-cultural cuisine.  

Canuel Caterers takes great pride in our ability to deliver a customized food service at each of our 50 plus current accounts. We would welcome the opportunity to customize one for you.

Canuel Caterers ultimate objective is to provide a well-organized and quality oriented culinary program to proactively meet the dining needs of a diverse customer base at an affordable price.  We accomplish this by using the following strategies:

  • Buy fresh and buy local;

  • Produce from scratch where equipment capabilities permit;

  • Reduction in fat, sugar and salt;

  • Emphasis on Trans free Fats in food preparation;

  • More grains, vegetables and fruits options;

  • Organic foods available upon request;

  • Fairtrade options available upon request.


Food Production Facilities in Surrey BC

Catering Food Production Facilities in Surrey and Vancouver BC