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Subject: Concession at Poirier

I want to send a really big shout out and thank you to your staff at the Poirier Sport and Leisure Centre for last night.  We had a Final Four game with our Atom A3 team last night and your seating area was filled with very happy parents and 2 dozen loud and excited 10 year olds after winning their banner.   The staff on were a lady ( I wish I knew her name, she is always so lovely and helpful) and a young man.  They went out of their way for us, digging out pizzas for the kids and attending to everything this large and loud group of people needed.  I am sure when they all left, it probably was quite a mess.  

Please pass on our thanks and kudos to them, they really helped make a great night even more special for these families.   

Kind regards,  Deb Harper CMHA Administrator



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