B.C. Nutrition Guidelines

The Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in B.C. Schools ("the Guidelines") define the minimum nutrition standard that schools are required to apply to all food and beverages sold to students. This document contains information, tools and fact sheets to support the implementation of the Guidelines across the school setting.

As per BC Ministry Education, guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools are designed to maximize students’ access to healthier options and fully eliminate the sale of unhealthy foods and beverages in BC schools. The revised Guidelines distinguish food and beverage options into four categories: Choose Most, Choose Sometimes, Choose Least and Not Recommended and require all schools to eliminate the sale of foods and beverages meeting the Choose Least and Not Recommended categories ... Read more

Click here to view the Nutrition Analysis for Canuel Caterers' High School Nutritional Menus.

Why have Nutrition Guidelines in Schools?

The Guidelines were developed to support healthy eating at school by increasing access to healthy food while limiting access to unhealthy food. Through meal programs, cafeterias, vending machines, fundraisers and more, schools provide many of the meals, snacks and beverages students consume in a day. Healthy eating at school supports learning, physical and mental growth and development and the adoption of healthy skills and choices.

Research shows that eating healthy food and beverages:

  • Provides students with fuel for optimal growth and nutrients for strong bones, teeth and muscles
  • Helps students’ brains develop
  • Improves school performance, learning ability, attention span and behaviour
  • Supplies energy for daily activity
  • Reduces the risk of getting sick now and developing chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer later in life
  • Sets the foundation for healthy eating behaviours as adults